Wednesday 19th June 2024

Thinking about starting a business?

Carter & Co specialise in helping new start up business get off the ground

We are contacted numerous times by new clients who are about to take the challenge of working for themselves, whether it be on a full time basis or part time alongside their normal 9 - 5 employment.

The thought of working for yourself can be both an exciting prospect and for some a daunting one and on many occasions people have rushed into setting up the wrong legal entity or registered with H M Revenue & Customs for VAT, when in actual fact in both instances they have complicated matters and potentially cost themselves money without realising.

As part of our free consultation we are here to listen to your business idea and talk you through the various legal entities and which one would be best suited to your business, In addition we will also make you think about how you are to attract customers and more importantly where the money will come from to cover the set up costs and maintain cash flow in the early stages of the business whilst it becomes established.

We are here to assist you with preparing a business plan and financial cash flow forecasts and if required can introduce you to local High Street banks to raise necessary finance.

It is important that you seek the right advice from the start of your business to ensure the best chance of success and we pride ourselves on offering telephone or email support at no extra cost, so you are safe in the peace of mind that any query that you may have can be dealt with quickly and efficiently without the fear of being charged every time you pick the telephone up or send an email.

Thinking of starting a business?

Do you have a business idea, but unsure where to begin, what legal entity you should trade as or what records to keep? Our experienced team are here to help you get it right.